Here's what my clients are saying........

Two of the most stressful events in a persons life include buying or selling a home, changing jobs and dealing with adverse financial matters. This past year I was financially burdened, changing jobs, and trying to sell my home. I realized that the over sized split I had been caring and grooming for the past 12 years was more than I could keep up with, physically and financially. While it was mostly a financial decision, it certainly was an emotional one as well. How could I sell the home I raised my daughter? All the memories - birthday parties and family celebrations? I knew I needed someone that I could trust and rely on to guide me through the real estate maze and advise me on how to sell my home. I chose Karen Herrick to list my house and to find a new home to buy because I felt she had current knowledge of the real estate market in the area, a successful track record, and the spunk and vigor I wanted in the agent to sell my home. The process felt like a roller coaster ride to me, but having Karen's dedication put me at ease. She helped me get the price I wanted for my home and to find a fabulous condo to create new memories.
Karen is an exceptional broker and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to assist you in the sale or purchase of your property.
Who knows? She may become your dear friend as well!

Ellen Zuchowski, Reading, MA

Steve Pelland, Reading, MA
"Karen Herrick is an outstanding Realtor that will bend over backwards to sell your house. "Bend over backwards" is a term used way too much today--but it is the only one I can think of to describe Karen. It fits her. I know this for a fact because she has hired my company, sometimes at her own expense, to improve homes she is selling! That's the dedication I would want in the person I was selling or buying a home through."

Lisa & Ernie Carpenter, Danvers, MA
"...thank you for your excellent service and support when we sold our home in June. It was a very stressful time for us and we truly relied upon your expertise and advice to make the process as smooth as possible. We also appreciated the frequent updates and your ability to custom tailor the marketing plan to our neighborhood. Even after closing when we tried to locate some missing articles - you were there for us. I don't know how many other Realtors would have gone to that much effort after closing!"

M. Radochia, Topsfield, MA
"When my father passed away, my sisters and I had to sell his house and entrusted the sale to Karen. She prepared a full market analysis and went through, in detail, all the comparatives that were currently on the market as well as recent closings. This thorough analysis helped us feel comfortable determining a competitive price. Karen next went through the entire house & recommended small improvements we could make to maximize the return. When it came time to stage the house, she assisted us in that regard as well?she even brought some of her own possessions into the house. Although the original deal fell through (first time buyers got cold feet) Karen continued to aggressively market the property for us and therefore secured another deal very soon after. Through the whole process, Karen kept us abreast of what was going on. The whole process went quickly & smoothly and we would definitely use Karen?s ?soup to nuts? services again."

Rachel Vargas, Reading, MA
"...Karen's attentiveness to my property needs as well as her positive, funny, and highly intelligent personality made her a joy to work with...I have no apprehension at all in referring Karen to friends and/or family members of mine because I feel Karen is, indeed, a highly competent broker with a dynamic personality."

Catherine & Matt Paul, Lynn, MA
"We are so relieved to have the sale over with and are really happy with the price we settled on. You were wonderful to work with and we certainly (will) be recommending you to friends. If you ever need a client reference or anything please don't hesitate to get ahold of us. We are happy customers for sure!"