6 Warning Signs you may be in Meth House (Courtesy of National Assoc of Realtors)

Luckily Meth Labs haven't been too common in the Readings and the Andovers - but reading about the growth of this criminal activity in areas like Somerville and Falmouth makes me wonder about some of those "cat pee" homes that I have had the unfortunate opportunity to visit.  

Enduring contamination from meth creation or marijuana production can pose serious health concerns for future residents and require expensive clean-up,  or suffer serious property devaluation and be tainted in the market for years.

6 Warning Signs of Meth Contamination

1. Eyes or throat burning when entering the property.

2. Chemical stains on toilets and bathtubs.

3. Large number of lithium batteries, particularly those that have been stripped.

4. Propane tanks with fittings that have turned blue.

5. Strong smell of urine or unusual chemical smells like ether, ammonia, or acetone.

6. Trash filled with a large amount of products lage paint thinner, lighter fluid, drain cleners, and cold tablet dispensers.


If you have concerns about a home there are Meth testing kits available to order from on-line sites for less than $50.