Fall To Do List every homeowner should have

Falling leaves and cooler temperatures signal the end of summer, but also should be the signal for key home maintanance tasks that are often forgotten.

1) Unclog gutters and reattach downspouts!

This is the season for tropical storms and large quantities of rain.  September is a great time to check that your wtaer is being succesfully diverted away from your foundation and not about to back up due to leaves, pine needles and other debris.  (This is especially critical for anyone who lost gutters due to the record snowfall last winter.)  You know who you are!

2) Check smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries and test hardwired systems!  

More and more my sellers are finding out just before closing that they have been living with hardwired systems that weren't functioning propertly.   Hardwired systems do not always give off warning beeps when there is a malfunction.  This can creat a false sense of security so checking even new systems on a regular basis is an easy yet important task.

3) Clean your furnace and don't forget the chimney!

We live in the Northeast where many people use oil fired systems and all of us depend on reliable heating systems.   Fossil fuel systems work hard to keep your family comfortable - but delaying routine maintenance can lead to break downs and dangerous carbon monoxide levels.  With today's more energy efficient boilers and furnaces - sellers sometimes get lax about this important task.  (While your at it plan to have any gas fired units - stoves and fireplaces checked and cleaned and inpsected on a regular basis. 

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